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Last Update: August 2006

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Welcome to Microsoft...err..FFS TechNet!
The info shared here is dedicated to D.I.Y. Honda enthusiasts. It is a collection of technical information that I've personally experienced, gathered up, and have exumed from the archives of my brain. Now, I don't plan on having e v e r y t h i n g a Honda enthusiast would ever want to know listed here, cuz I don't know everything! Just things I've personally performed and have seen asked repeatedly on Honda message forums that I am a part of [ie. Honda-tech/ Hybrid Garage / Hybrids.jp forums]. You can find me lurking on Honda-Tech's hybrid & tech forums or on hybrids.jp.

Enjoy your iLife
- katman

The information shared here pertains mainly to Honda civic, crx, and integra vehicles unless otherwise stated. All information can vary depending on your specific vehicle & engine application.Work on your car at your own risk!
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Engine Swap / Hybrid Articles
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  • 84-87 civic/crx hybriding
    Article 1 - Technical History of the JDM ZC & U.S. D16A1 Engine(s)
    Article 2 - How-to Install a ZC/D16A1 into an 84-87 Civ/CRX
  • 88-91/OBD civic/crx Hybriding
    JDM DOHC ZC engine swap info
  • 92-95 civic/delsol/integra / OBD1 B-series Hybriding
    OBD1 B-series engine swap inffo
    Scenerio 1: OBD1 engine into an OBD1 vehicle
    Scenerio 2: OBD2 engine into an OBD1 vehicle NEW!
  • 96-98 civic/ 96-99 integra / OBD2a B-series Hybriding
    OBD2 B-series engine swap inffo
    Scenerio 1: OBD2 engine into an OBD2 vehicle
    Scenerio 2: OBD1 engine into an OBD2 vehicle
  • 99-00 civic/ 00-01 integra / OBD2b B-series Hybriding
    OBD2 B-series engine swap inffo
    Scenerio 1: OBD2 engine into an OBD2 vehicle
    Scenerio 2: OBD1 engine into an OBD2 vehicle
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K-Series Tech
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  • K20Ax & K24x Comparison...
    Comparison Chart
    Intake manifolds
    Idler pulleys
  • Compatibilities...
    Head swap
    Intake manifold swap
  • Transmission...
    Gear Ratio Chart
  • ECU & Wiring
    ECU types
    Wiring info
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Sensor Tech
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Intake Manifold Sytem Tech
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  • 89-91, 92-95, 96-00 B16A I/M Comparisons
  • B18C (GSR + SiR-G) I/M
  • US vs. JDM Type-R I/M Comparisons
  • B-series Fuel Rail Comparisons
  • 88-00 D-Series I/M Hybriding
    Compatibilities / Incompatibilities; Do's & Dont's..
  • D16Y5/Y7/Y8 3-Wire IACV Explained
  • Throttle Body (TB)
    TB w/out Fast Idle Throttle Valve (FITV)
    TB with FITV
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Camshaft Tech
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Suspension Tech
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  • JDM & US Rear Lower Control Arm Comparisons
  • US rear lower control arm
  • EK Lighter Weight Front Lower Control Arms (Si coupe/CTR)
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Misc. Tech
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  • CTR N1 Crank Pulley Belt Part Number:
    Autozone belt number: 290K4 (extended p/n is 4PK735) - thanks Tony Jackson!
  • K20A Serpentine Belt Part Numbers:
    (use this belt when excluding the A/C compressor)
    5 pulley setup: Dayco Polycog belt # 50705050 (Kragen)
    (use this belt when exluding the A/C cmpsr. and idler pulleys)
    3 pulley setup: Dayco Polycog belt # 50703090
    AEM or STR RSX alternator pulley is required for 3 pulley setup.
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JDM Parts
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  • Rare & Semi-Rare Japanese Honda Parts
    E-AT Civic Stanley Aeordynamic Headlights (plastic lens)
    E-AT Civic Stanley Rear Tailights (full ambers)
    E-AS CRX Clear corner lights
    EF Vision 88-89 Amber Corner Lights
    EF SiR Civic Vision Front Amber Turn Signals
    EF SiR Civic Side & Rear Bumper Moldings
    EF SiR Civic Rear Spoiler
    EG Mugen 'tear drop' muffler
    EG Bride Rear Seats
    EG Spoon Gauge Cluster (220km speedo)
    EG SiR Integra Style Front Seats
    EG SiR Rear Spoiler (2 types)
    OER Individual Throttlebody Kit for B18C-R/B16B Engines
  • Not so-rare or whored-out Japanese Honda Parts
    EG Vision Amber Corner Lights (smoked & non smoked)
    Diagonally Placed Option2 Sticker on Rear Bumper
    JDM ITR Front End Conversion
    Spoon & Regamaster EVO Wheels
    Anything Spoon or Mugen
    Anything Carbon Fibre related
    5-Lug conversion (outta control!)
    JDM Pronunciations... ie. Bride>brid, Mugen>moo-gen, etc.
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