September.2.00 (Labor Day weekend)...

I regret, to inform, that my car nicknamed, Blacksheep, was stolen sometime between the hours 1am & 5am on Saturday morning 9.2.2000.

Here's the story of how my wonderful 3 day weekend started....
The time is about 11:30pm on a Friday night. My friend Gino and I are kickin' it in my apt.. We decide to get some grub at Del Taco. Hop in the Sheep and make our way there. Order our food and cruise back to my apt. On the way home, we encounter a couple characters in a late 80's Mustang. We're cruisin' along when the Mustang begins to accelerate fast and then slow down. We take this as an invite to 'smoke a stang'. We come upon a red light and look over at the blokes. The passenger seemed like a light heart fella while the driver was lil' on the 'I'm hard' tip. Light turns green and we drive off normally, but all of sudden the Stang begins to bone out ! .......So, I then release the Sheep's power upon the Stang for short period of time. Let's just say the Stang was tamed by a tiny 1.7L - 4 cyl. FF.

Anyways...we took a right and made our way to my pad. We ate, watched some t.v and listened to some music for a while. The time was about 12:50am, at that point in time. Gino was about to take off when I then asked if he could give me a ride to a friends house which was about 2 blocks away (I was too lazy to walk there). He agreed to give me a ride. We proceeded to leave my apt.. As we walked by my civic, I armed my alarm, which Gino watched me do. Got into his car and he dropped me off. Time was around 12:55am...

I fell asleep at my friends pad and gotta ride home the next day around 11:00am, Saturday morning. Soon as we pulled up to the parking area of my apartments, I was in total shock. My car was not where it should've been! I stood there in awe wondering/hopeing I parked my car somewhere else in my apt. complex....but no. It was really gone. My first car ever stolen from me. I went inside and called as many friends as I could, and the police. Within the first 30 minutes of the 11:00am hour, I made a police report and got the word out that Blacksheep was stolen. On the net too..

When the police man showed up to take a report of my incident, he happened to tell me that there were some Asian gangster-type people that moved into my neighborhood not too long ago. He went on, saying that lotsa thefts have been happening ever since they moved in. This wasn't the first time my car has been burglerized in my apt. complex either, but this is the worst incident ever since I've lived here in Arcadia CA.

After I made a bunch of calls and reported to the police, my friend and I drove around Arcadia and the surrounding city to see if maybe....we'd see my car parked somewhere. No such luck of course. I didn't call my insurance company for the simple fact that I only have liability on my car. My driving record isn't too clean and having liability only, is the cheapest form of insurance for me at this time. So, I'm kinda fubar'd if I don't hear anything about my civic =(

It's almost been a week, and I haven't heard anything about Civic. I posted up my theft story on the Hybrid Back Alley board to get the word out on the Internet world also. A few people on there posted up that they've had their car stolen before and have got it back within 2 weeks with everthing intact except for the radio or rims. I kinda hope the same happens to me, but I'll soon see.

Right now, I don't have a car (duh!), but I do have a few friends that are willing to let me borrow their extra car - which I extremely appreciate! My plan is to wait and see what comes up. I don't have $$$ right now to buy a new car at all, and Blacksheep is/was my only car that I used daily. I nicknamed my civic, Blacksheep, because of the hybrid engine setup I had ...a B17A - blacksheep of the B-series Vtec engines and not produced in Japan either!

There's also another problem....
I was borrowing my friends (Bombino-spec) 15" Spoon wheels at the time of theft....and..had 2 ECU's of his laying on my backseats. This really sucks rhino ass!
Bombino tells me we can work out this problem even though I have replacement wheels for him at my apt. He's being real cool to me about what happend, though. Everything seems to depend on if the police will find my car or not. I put soo much into my civic and this shittyness had to happen! I don't know if I was targeted from someone on the internet or just a random theft. Maybe the website stickers on the back of my car cought some thieves eye. I don't know...but if I get my civic back, I might have clue of what type of person stole it by what's missing-if anything.

I give thanks, to the friends (you know who you are), that are helping me out through this shitty time.

That's it for now. I'll have more news later if anything comes up.


Latest updates | November.2000

As of Sept. 12, 2000, my civic has been recovered. Although... it's been raped, pillaged, and crashed. It was actually recovered 4 days after I reported it stolen (9.6.00), but thanks to the LA-Rampart f**khead-dumbshit-scandle infested police dept. in LA, which can suck a fat horse d*ck and get donkey punched at the same time, I didn't get notified until 6 days after it was found (9.12.00), which I had to pay $300 to get BS outta the impound yard and tow it home on my own (thanks Sheng).

On top of that, I gotta parking ticket courtesy letter in the mail a week ago, saying that I have an overdue parking ticket which was issued ON the day my car was stolen! Can you believe that! I did fight the ticket and win. So screw them.

Unfortunatley, since I didn't have comprehensive (covers theft) on my insurance, I've gotten totally reamed on this whole theft situation. No help from my insurance company whatsoever. So, I've learned my lesson about NOT having comprehensive.

HERE you will find pics of my recovered civic, in it's shittiest state of being. I've moved onto another car already, which I am not willing to talk freely about on the NET, mind you. Blacksheep resides in my apartment complex's parking port, rotting away, collecting dust. I'm keeping all the parts that are still useful on it and selling the chassis sooner or later.

When you look at the latest pics, you will notice the front end has been crashed the f*ck up, courtesy of local thieves. It looks like they towed my car by the radiator support and let it ride up or dragged it up a red painted curb, from the markings on the underside of the frame. The passenger side front knuckle/hub bearing is totally f*cked also.
The pics speak for themselves.

Marc's Integra-R has been recovered too.
It was recovered 3 days after it was stolen. Totally raped & pillaged also. His insurance company confiscated his chassis and has already auctioned it off somewhere. Luckily, he got some $$ back from his insurance company so he's doing ok for now. Marc has another car now too which I am not going to talk about freely either. All I'm gonna say is that it's not another Type-R.

Overall...we've recovered and have moved on........but we are still pissed as f*ck deep down.


Latest updates | February.2001

I've sold my recovered civic chassis. For the people who keep emailing me about parts from it, please stop. I don't have any extra parts. I've moved onto another civic/project and it's almost complete. That's it for now =)

(pics are clickable)