good lighting..
watch your shins!
sunsets at the Santa Anita mall..
Hard to believe this, but Jonathan use to be a hippy.  Dylan + Jon use to smoke...err nevermind!
15" Volk NRS-matte black-tiiite
SUStec Pro....good sus!
Super Street view..
JDM optional wind visor
as they call him at Super Street, gee I wonder why =)
I bet Jonathan never thought he'd make it to my silly website!
His red EG has JDM goodies smeared all ova da place!
SUStec Pro's, 15" matte-black Volk NRS, B18C5, Tuh-knobby muff,
Cusco Catch Can, Keichi Designs steering wheel, Recaro seats....
The list goes on and on....definite TBA status!

JDWong's EG is SOLD.
He was sucked into the 'Drivers Wanted' world....oh well! All bad things must come to an end....(I guess)....but rumors are going around that he'll be back. (Yeah right!)...

Toot Toot!
Jonathan Wong

aftermarket chin spoiler
JDM EG wing
Cusco can + JDM EG airbox
ITR 4-1 header + GSR radiator
HKS cog sprockets in hiding..
passender side has RECARO's too!
EG-VTi long ass arm rest
EG clock- wish I had one!
dang bastard has a driverside RECARO seat!
Mugen pedal set
EG center console with Mugen shifter
Keichi Designs Steering wheel (drift king's company)
Recaro reflection...Jonathan's suggestion..
JDM folding mirror button..
them rare white-faced EG gauges rear's its ugly head!