JDM wing..
another power unit angle..
clean ass side lines..
nice ass!
RS mc+booster
AEM fuel rail....duh..

August 2000

(from Rialto ala Inland Empire, CA)...
is an old friend of mine. We trade/sell parts to each other whenever the occasion arises.
He recently peiced his EG together and it's DAMN NICE! It use to be milano red until
Jay gotta hold of it. Now it's a Nissan Altima color. However, the paint is only half of what
Jay's EG has in store. Packed under the CF hood is a B20Vtec power unit. He's the first
friend of mine to actually try this setup - boyz got ballz!

Btw, Jay's B20Vtec was my first ever, to drive.....and I must say that shit fawkin' rips!!!!
He has custom secret undercover stuff he won't let me tell you about! sorry!
All of his engine goodies are mated to a B16A LSD tranny.
He's gonna dyno tune soon...

US Integra-R front & rear seats with plenty of insignifigant JDM parts all around.
JDM EG: cluster, tailights, full Stanley headlamps, change pocket, and wing.
He's got some Mugen sideskirts & a front chin spoiler he's about to put on too.
Gunmetal powdercoated 15" CPF's are what he rides on.
His EG is on a serious diet too. Jay removed all the underdash heater/AC components,
some interior door parts, and bumper reinforcements have been all deleted.

Jay's into drag. So, if you're ever wing up in the Ontario street race scene...watch the f*ck out!
Jay's taken out numerous turbo civic's, Integra's, you name it.........he's smoked it! =) (that doesn't politically correct...)

February 2001
I felt an updated photo shoot was in order and JDM Wong felt Jay's EG was ready to be featured in Super Street sooo: CLICKY POW 1 - CLICKY POW 2

August 2001
Jay recently sold his EG for $17,000! so yeah...it was a nice car. Hopefully the new owner won't toy it out. Here's the very latest pic I took of Jay's EG at the Jamoboree show in Lil' Tokyo a couple weeks ago - HERE full gallery HERE.. Jay's next project is a EF hatchback - should be nice! (I hope). I have some pics of his car from a couple months back which I will post up once I get a chance (see Feb.01 photos ^ above).

November 2002
Jay got the Silvia itch sometime during his RHD DC2-R build - clean as hell to say the least...check it: CLICKY POW


APEXi muff...too tuff..
what makes this thing a monster..
15" powdercoated CPF
more frontal...
Jay n shit..
idle adjustments..
more interior...see the V-AFC?
another angle of idle adjustments...
no fake shit here..
full view..
other side..
another arse shot..
Mugen Rocker moldings..
Real Mugen EG chin spoiler..
working lights...old school ambers
JDM EG taillights..

Jay (Smith) from Rialto CA.

more B20vtec engine bay up in ya face...
Carbon fiber hood with sparco pins
DC 4-1...looks nice!.
ITR seats -  front + rear..
you know what this is, jerk...
JDM dash change pocket..rare...
Drink it down buddy...
this interior remind you of someone else's car? (Lee perhaps?)
tiite side..
EG arse..
CRVtec power unit..
more interior...sorry for the blurryness!