WARNING: This page will surely piss some people off and that's tuff tiddy's for those poor chaps. I have to vent somwhere don't I ? =) Anyways This portion of the website is intended for entertainment only. I don't wanna hurt your widdle feewings..

This page consists of things I've seen in daily life (mostly car-related) and wonder....why? Yes, I was in sarcas-mode when i created this, so please take it in stride and laugh along. If you find it funny, that is... If you don't, screw you!

I can't wait! to rag all over this p.o.s.movie which will decay young minds!
This movie was way horrible....
Sly sucked, Burt really sucked, wimpy ass Jimmy Bly sucked! Downshifting some how made the carts faster, wtf!?...
You jackass!
Saw this porn-bus up in Santa Barbara. Couldn't resist NOT taking a pic!
Why the hell, do all ricers PAINT the damn dash? Inquiring minds would like to know...
I laughed when I saw this sh*t!
These guys are the laughing stock of the east. Get to know them for a good side ache!
Why does FF-John have fungus?
Why do skate wounds hurt so much?
Why does this...nevermind..
more soon...