The Megaphone...
What the hell is it???
Where did it come from???
When is it done???
How do you do it???
Am I allowed to do it???

These questions may arise as you wonder what that 'OK' hand gesture means. I guess you can say we took this gesture to a new mild kind of retarded way. It's something that slowly rear'd it's ugly head a couple years back. A couple friends of mine and I would do these stupid gestures with our hands whenever we saw something tiiiiite (cool, bitchin', awesome,etc..). Whether it be car related, female related, or video game related....this lil' hand gesture would pop up. It started off as a 'fist-to-mouth' type of motion...kinda like when you cough into your hand gesture. Then slowly, over time, the fingers emerged...and evolve into the Megaphone!.
That's about it in a nutshell....

It stuck with us all the way up till now, into the new millenium. Sometimes, some people take this insignia of ours the wrong way. Not-knowing humans think it's a gang sign of some kind or subliminal symbol for a 'bung hole'...which- it is not! (stay away HLAU). People could take it any way they want, but there's only one meaning behind it....tiiiiteness (in a non-homosexual way!).

I bet you're wondering if YOU are allowed to do it (prolly not, lol). Well, can. I'm sharing this odd habit of ours with the world, so that it can be done worldwide. Go ahead. Hold up your megaphone, and proudly toot away at somthing tiiite today!

Megaphone Sightings...
This may come as a shock to some of you, but the Megaphone is known worldwide. I have several friends that email me various Megaphone 'sightings', and I've compiled a list. Celebrities have been caught doing it, actual signs have been made, and many other usages of the Megaphone have been caught on film and in magazines. So, If you or anyone else have spotted a 'Megaphone Sighting' anywhere, please don't hesitate to email me , so that I can immediatley post it on this webpage!

Thank you.

The Mega Chef [donation by: Tony aka Ceas]

Christina Aguilera [dontation by: Anonymous]

Tom Green [donated by: T.V. Guide]

Conan O' Brien [donated by: Anonymous]

Megaphone Follies [donated by: Ryan Shiner]

JDM Race Queen [donated by: Option2 Magazine]

Troy Pork Store in New York [donated by: Mac Morgan]

Tennis Player: Anna Kournikova [donated by: ED from Canada]

Hit Box Poll animanted gif [donated by: Alan from San Diego, Ca.]

Some Random JDM Guy 1 [donated by: Young Version (JDM mag) ]

JDM Tarzan Yamada 1 2 [donated by: Young Version (JDM mag) ]

F1 racer - Mika Hakkinen [donated by:DSS]

TAC Worldwide Companies [dontated by: John Chin]

Roma Pizzeria [dontated by: The Mailman]

[dontated by: DSS]