ATLUS banner...
was the cleanest 87 around..
DIY ram air setup..
During the time my 87 was getting redone..Holmes Bodyshop, Santa Monica CA
Interior design
hoody up...
87 dash, with different gauges...=)
Fitted with DelSol seats and relocated battery.
87 arse..
Genuine E-AT Mugen Exhaust..
Side lines..
Trade rims with Ryan for a few days..
BIG POWER ZC - top view
HKS camsprockets, very rare.
body shops fault for getting dusty!
Hood up reveals 'BIG POWER' ZC!
15" Sprint Hart CPF
My 87 back when i bought it in summer of 94'...
BBR's looked super good on my 87..
Not only was this 87 Civic Si my first Honda, but it was my first DOHC hybrid'd Honda. I couldn't afford any 88+ civic or integra's back then, so I settled with this little guy. I learned quite a few things around the time I owned this car, back in late 94'. I thank 'Lucky' Mike-uni for help twin camming my 87, back on the 1995 New Year's weekend -I learned a lot.
I did go through some trial & error stages with the (US) D16A1- 86-87 Integra engine VS. a 86-87 JDM ZC engine and found out they're the same damn engine, with only minor differences!

I did drag my car a few times and the best that MAX HA ran was a 14.7, at Pomona Raceway - slicked down, lightened hatch, no interior.

DOHC hybriding any 84-87 civic/crx gives the car a whole new feel- no joke. The car becomes very torquey once you plop a ZC/D16A1 in that there tiny ass engine bay! You'd be suprised!

The last upgrades I had on my 87 consisted of this:
- ZC engine
- 86-87 JDM ZC ECU (thanks to Naji at Hondacura Palace Inc - back then)
- 89 ZC cams (better profile)
- 89 ZC intake manifold (different design than any of the US manifolds-looks better and prob)
- RC ported throttle body
- SPAC coolant cap (JDM aftermarket used part found at Naji's place)
- dual diapgram clutch (that I loved to death, grabbed sooo nice!)
- HKS cam sprockets (never had a chance to tune em' tho)
- Magnewhore sparkwires
- custom shortened front shocks by BECTECH (I dont think this guy is around anymore so don't email me about it!)
- Lightspeeds' panhard rod (corrected the rear wheels offset when car was lowered)
- 15" SSR CPF rims (that I barted with Sope, PYR-Peter's brother, a long time ago)
- Genuine Mugen muffler (rarest of the rare!)
- 86-89 Integra rear disc brakes
- Delsol seats
- DC 86-89 stainless steel 4-2-1 header
- homemade ram-air
- 88-89 Integra black valvecover
- Momo corse steering wheel
- relocated battery
- Paint and body work courtesy of HOLMES BODY SHOP in Santa Monica (when Dylan worked there).
- The paint was a BMW-M3 color named Cosmos Black Metallic.
- There's a couple more items I can't think of right now.....but these were the main goods.

I had some really tasty plans for my ZC - but never got around to doing them because I had to have VTEC!!!
I owe my pre-meditated setup to Mike-uni, since he was carbed from day one.
My plans were to build up a better ZC than the one I had, soo...I had a set of 40mm Mikuni's, a genuine MUGEN ZC carb manifold, genuine MUGEN ZC carb cams (still have the receipt too!), and a 88-89 US D16A1 shortblock and lightened flywheel. I opted for the 88-89 D16A1 block because it come stock with higher compression pistons than the previous years.
I feel bad for not completing my engine scheme before I sold my car...I really wanted to see how it would perform, since ZC engines love carbs....oh well...if it wasn't for getting rid of my 87, Blacksheep would have never been born!

Anyways, some other parts I really yearned for, was the JDM 84-87 civic hood, tailights, and headlights...
There's only 1 person that I know of who had JDM 87 headlights, and that person was Elton Lo of Raceline Development (...ACME back then). What really sucks is that I came up on a pair of Japanese 87 civic taillights and hood about a year ago...haha. I just bought them to keep as collector items since they're soo fawkin' hard to get!

Well, that was the history of my 87...
I traded the 87 to a friend of mine (known as chupacabra) back in early 98' for his 92 civic CX - along with some $$$ - which is now known as BLACKSHEEP (BS)...
The saga conintues..