I've gotta fix all of my video links someday...
So just go here for faster access to my vaults of videos.

A special thanks goes out to Mr. Nachogun in FL., for the webserver space.

In the near future, more video clits will be dumped here . Yet another thanks goes out to Touge buddy runner, Gino (sub-impreza owner) for the server space.


As of 2008, all classic and new FFS videos can be accessed on our Vimeo profile.

Velcome to the FF Video Vault...

Touge Footage - footage of our mountain runs
Buttonwillow - footage of when I've raced there with friends, family, and animals.
Willow Springs - footage from the July.2000 Hybrid Meet @ Willow Springs raceway.

**I highly recommend you have a fast internet connection such as cable modem. Even though I've cut up single session clips into shorter clips which are about 2.5mgs, it's still gonna take a while to download on a 56K connection (about 15minutes per clip on 56k) ...but if you choose to do so, good luck and have a tasty nap! Take note, these video clips are not on the B16A.COM server. So, if the links are not working, slow as hell, or just plain dead, it's not's fault or mine...well it is sorta my fault because I should be updating my site more often....but that's besides the point. Anyways..enjoy it!